Bold Experiment in Innovation @ISU

  • Alma_Matters
  • 31 Aug, 2021

Bold Experiment in Innovation @ISU

By Alma_Matters

August 25, 2021

Episode #142:

 Prof. James Oliver on ISU’s Student Innovation Center: Bold Experiment.


Professor James Oliver is the University Professor and the Director of the Student Innovation Center at Iowa State University.

Prof. Oliver has been preparing for this role all his professional life.

Early in his career, he discovered that Research and Entrepreneurship were his calling.

He transitioned seamlessly between Academia and Industry to take advantage of the opportunities he created or came his way.

He and his team innovated in both worlds.

Heading up the ambitious ISU Student Innovation Center offered him the platform to take his experience & learning much further. 

To bring innovation out of his labs and startups to every member of the Iowa State University community.

So, here are 5 things Prof Oliver wants you to know about the Center: 

  1. A Higher Education Innovation
  2. Powered By Alumni Support
  3. A Vehicle for Culture Change at the University
  4. 4 Pillars of Activity - Interdisciplinary, Experiential, Entrepreneurial, and Global Perspective
  5. Resources for Everybody.

In the Podcast with Prof. James Oliver, we discussed this and other topics: 

  • Prof. Oliver’s Professional Background
  • Origins of the Student Center for Innovation
  • Programs and Activities in the Center
  • Benefits for Students and Faculty

If you are college-bound, this Podcast is a must listen to be inspired and motivated about your own future.

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