3 Reasons to Join “MyCoalition” (Or "Coalition on Scoir")

  • Alma_Matters
  • 18 Aug, 2022

3 Reasons to Join “MyCoalition” 

(Now called "Coalition on Scoir")

By Alma_Matters

August 17, 2022

Episode #246:

 Stacey Kostell on Coalition on Scoir.

On August 1, 2022, Coalition for College replaced their internally developed Coalition Application called “MyCoalition” with Coalition Application powered by Scoir.

Stacey Kostell is the CEO of Coalition for College said that Coalition partnered with Scoir and Technolutions to create Apply Coalition on Scoir which combines the best of Coalition with the Scoir platform.

High School Students can open a Scoir account individually or as part of their High School. Stacey outlines 3 Big Reasons a college-bound student should Apply Coalition on Scoir:

  1. “One-Stop” Platform for College - Reduce “Portal Fatigue & Simplify Process”
  2. College List - Hear Directly from the Colleges
  3. Access to College Advice - 150 Colleges, Counselors, CBOs


1. One-Stop Platform  - Reduce Portal Fatigue & Simplify Process

By opening an account, a student will  have access to one portal for the entire College Application process. 

  • No more switching across different portals to execute different steps of the college application process;
  • Create a student profile, and update it along the process and eventually use in their college application;
  • From College Search, Applying to Enrollment


2. College List - Hear Directly from the Colleges

When a student has an account, they also have the College List. And so as they're thinking about the colleges they want to attend, they can ask for their information to be shared with colleges, and so they can start getting college advice directly from the colleges.


3. Access to College Advice - 150 Colleges, Counselors, CBOs

Coalition has created College Advice with the 150-member Colleges, their Counselor Advisory Board and Community-based Organizations (CBO) to help students along the way. Their advice ranges from “it's time to take an ACT test”, things like how to advocate for yourself, as a freshman “how is GPA calculated at my college”, to “how do I get my first as a student”, etc.


Over 1 million students have taken advantage of Coalition Application over the past 5 years.

To Learn more about Coalition check out the following:

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