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  • 15 Feb, 2020

Updated: February 14, 2020

In this space we will feature select responses from Counselors on our network. Every week we pick questions posed on our Forum by students and parents, and request the Counselors to respond.


Q: What is the cooperative (co-op) education program at US Colleges?  


A: A co-op education, also known as a co-operative college program, is a program at a college that requires an actual job experience in your major. You earn credit along with a salary during your employment.

Almost all programs are full-time experience however programs vary at each university. Some will extend the college graduation to 5 years and some will keep it at 4 years. The extra time typically means you will graduate with more experience than those in the 4 year program.

Because it is required, the university is very active in providing resources and connections to obtain employment. This is different from internships because most internship programs are optional. Many times corporations will offer employment to the students from the co-op college after graduation. And even if they do not, you graduate with relevant work experience to put on your resume.


Q: Is it better to take the ACT (instead of SAT) to improve chances of getting into a good school? 


A: Most colleges do not have a preference and accept either for admissions. Since they vary a bit, it is up to you to determine which one you prefer. Take the one that works for you!


Q: What kind of background is needed for high schoolers who want to do science research summer programs? 


A: Every science research summer program has different requirements just like colleges do. If you are interested in specific programs, research early to determine what the requirements are. Some do not require any and some do so your research will be important.


Q: What are some good Extracurriculars to start in 11th standard?


A: Extracurriculars should be about your interests, strengths or things you enjoy. If you enjoy something in particular, then that should be your focus. Colleges are looking for commitment and focus. It is good to demonstrate that in your application.


Q: Do Colleges accept SAT scores with the essay?


A: The University of California system is probably the only set of colleges that require the essays for SAT or ACT test scores. Some universities do recommend them but most do not. Every college is different and admission requirements can change so always check to be sure.

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