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  • venkat
  • 03 Oct, 2019

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We thought we would make life a little easier for you (given that you are applying for college and everything...) by indexing the topics in the Forum. We will keep this current so you can use this to navigate for now.
I am sure you will have questions of your own, so please go ahead and Ask on the Forum.

What is the most important thing to remember while writing essays?

I am looking for tips on writing essays for the Top US Colleges? What are some things to consider while picking a topic?

Who reviewed your essays? Who are the best people to review your essays?



Do Letters of Recommendation depend on the College you are applying to?


Financial Aid/Scholarships

A Primer: Everything You wanted to know about Financial Aid, but didn't know who to ask

What is the basis of Scholarships?

Can I be awarded a Scholarship based on my overall Profile?

Criteria for Admission and Scholarship

What is the reality about Financial Aid for International Students?

How much does Financial Aid affect the acceptance of International Students?

On what basis do US Colleges award Scholarships?

What is the average Financial Aid offered by a US College?

What are the US Colleges that offer the best Sports Facilities and Scholarships?

Best Scholarships available to Indian Students?

MIT Scholarships


Ambassador Spotlight

Know Your Ambassador: Rapid Fire with Abhinav@Brown 

Know Your Ambassador: Rapid Fire with Aryaman@Duke

Know Your Ambassador: Rapid Fire with Rohan@Harvey Mudd College

Know Your Ambassador: Rapid Fire with Srihari@Union College, NY 

Know Your Ambassador: Rapid Fire with Ajan@Univ of California, Irvine

Know Your Ambassador: Rapid Fire with Saranya@UPenn


Personal Reflections - Ambassadors

Bokaro to Paris: My (not so usual) journey to university…

A Day in My Life @UPenn

Applying for Financial Aid - Srihari


Early Applications

What are the Benefits of Applying Early?

Apply Early or Not to Apply Early?



How did you choose a counselor?

How was your experience with a Counselor if you had one?


Extra Curricular

How significant are non-academic extracurriculars (like winning national awards in rubik’s cubes)?

How much do standardized test scores matter if the applicant has super unique ECs?

Can you share the types of extracurricular activities you were involved with in high school?



Stanford Campus Stroll - Saranya


Hope this is useful. If you want to comment or if you have questions, please go ahead and Ask on the Forum.

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