How Sachin Transferred to Another University?

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  • 21 Jul, 2022

How Sachin Transferred to Another University?

By Alma_Matters

June 23, 2022

You decide to attend a local College because you did not know what you wanted to study. By your sophomore year you get really excited about a course.

The question you should ask yourself is “Should I Transfer to Another College?” 

In this article we cover How Sachin made the decision to Transfer to another University.

Sachin Ravi is a graduate of University of Wisconsin Madison with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science.

On our Podcast with Sachin on his College Experience, in High School he shared that he didn’t feel an overriding passion for any one course.

When time came to go to college, he decided to attend the University of Pittsburgh (Pitt) because it was close to home.

In his Sophomore year, after exploring courses like PreMed, Math, he started to feel that Computer Science may be his thing.

As that started to crystallize, he reached out to his Computer Science (CS) teacher from High School for his counsel. 

The advice he received was to look for a school that would offer better placement options upon graduating with a CS degree.

Sachin decided to apply to a short list of colleges to transfer to. If a better option materialized, then he would transfer. Else continue at Pitt.

Sachin accepted the University of Wisconsin Madison offer and transferred over in his Junior Year to pursue Computer Science.

One more thing. 

As he dug deeper into Computer Science, he was hooked

He had found his passion.

Listen to the Hi5s - 5 Highlights from the Podcast with Sachin. (3-Minute Listen)

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