Joy of Community Writing in Berkeley

  • Alma_Matters
  • 28 Apr, 2022

Joy of Community Writing in Berkeley

By Alma_Matters

April 27, 2022


Episode #185:

 Kaivallya Dasu on Berkeley.

Kaivallya Dasu is a senior studying Molecular Biology and Creative Writing at University of California Berkeley.

Kaivallya has been listening to stories for as long as she can remember.

She liked telling those stories, and also started to make up her own stories.

Once she could read and write, she started to write down her stories, ideas and thoughts.

It all came naturally. And she genuinely enjoyed it.

But, it was a solitary activity.

In her Creative Writing classes at Berkeley, her classmates read each other’s work and give feedback.

It is cool.

They get to  learn about each other’s experiences, perspectives and approaches to writing.

Writing can be so meaningful when done and shared in a community.

In this Podcast with Kai, we discussed this and other topics about UC Berkeley:

  • Choosing Berkeley
  • Majoring in Molecular Biology & Minor in Writing
  • Campus Life and Activities
  • Advice to International Aspirants

If you are college-bound, this Podcast is a must listen to be inspired and motivated about your own future.

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