Safe Counseling in a COVID-19 World

  • Alma_Matters
  • 25 Mar, 2020

Moving to Online Counseling


March 23, 2020



As COVID-19 puts us through a time of huge turmoil, disruptions and growing uncertainties, it is time to take stock of the situation and start creating ways in which to manage our way forward - safely. 

One group that I am particularly focused on is college-bound international students located in places like India, Middle East and South-East Asia. As a consequence of the massive scale shutdowns, schools’ closures and the aggressive practice of social distancing, students are facing challenges getting in front of the school counselors, private counselors as they try to make progress with their US college applications, due at the end of 2020.


Be Safe, Go Online

In this environment, virtual counseling is the preferred solution now, and going forward. No need to travel outside, no face-to-face conversations. It not only provides all the safety that is needed in the pandemic environment, it can tap into the best resources from across the globe.


Alma Matters

In this context, allow me to introduce Alma Matters - with an online network of US-based counselors. The student-counselor interactions are virtual, the counseling is real. Alma Matters (, allows the students and their families to do the following:

  • Have Questions? Need Help? Our Counselors and Ambassadors are standing by.

  • Meet - using Google Meet to have face-to-face with counselors and advisors;

  • Share - exchange documents with counselors, student ambassadors - essay drafts, application drafts, college lists etc using Google Docs;

  • Explore and Research US colleges on our site and of course across the web.



Availing of the online solution to counseling provides the student the following upside:

  • Safe environment for interactions;

  • Global - access to counselors from around the world, with on the ground expertise about colleges in their neighborhood;

  • Choice of Counselors - a curated network of counselors independent of physical location;

  • Affordable - using a number of innovative business models


Ready to Start Safe Counseling?


Stay Safe.

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