UG Research: 10 Qs to Ask Prospective Colleges

  • Alma_Matters
  • 26 Aug, 2022

UG Research: 10 Qs to Ask Prospective Colleges

By Alma Matters

January 17, 2022

Undergraduate Research is Transformative. It changes the career trajectory of those students that do UG Research.

Jeanne Mekolichick is the President and Lindsay Currie the Executive Officer of the Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR). 

Recently, Jeanne and Lindsay joined us on our Podcast to talk about CUR and the role CUR plays in nurturing, expanding UG Research and supporting undergraduate students. 

Jeanne spelled out 10 Questions that college-bound students interested in doing Undergraduate Research should ask their College:

  1. Does the College have an Office of Undergraduate Research?
  2. Do they have Student Clubs or Learning Communities?
  3. Are there Research Days or Annual Symposiums?
  4. Are there Research Opportunities within Courses?
  5. One on One research opportunities?
  6. Do they Fund different kinds of research opportunities?
  7. Can you use scholarships for research?
  8. Can you use work study at that institution to participate in undergraduate research?
  9. Are there campus research employment opportunities? 
  10. Is there funding for student travel related to research? 

In the Podcast with Jeanne and Lindsay, we discussed this and other topics:

  • Jeanne & Lindsay’s Professional Background
  • What is CUR?
  • The Transformative Nature of UG Research
  • How CUR helps Colleges & Students

If you are college-bound, this Podcast is a must listen to be inspired and motivated about your own future.

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