Univ of Cal Application Tips

  • Shveta
  • 10 Nov, 2019

University of California Application Tips

Personal Insight Responses

Shveta Bagade, Independent College Counselor, Bay Area, California.

The month of November 2019 means that the deadline for the University of California (UC) Admission Applications is round the corner. The due date is November 30, 2019. If you have been working on the Common Application essays, then the transition to UC applications will represent a bit of a mind shift.

With that in mind, here are some tips to consider, as you work on the personal insight responses on the UC Application.

  • It is about you so it is okay to say "I" and "me".

  • You only have 350 words so make every word count. Does it help or actually answer the prompt?

  • If it gets too descriptive, then you lose the opportunity to say what they really want to read about which is you!

  • Stay on point and always check that you are answering the prompt.

  • One strategy is to use one of the 4 prompts as an opportunity to talk about something that may not be captured in the Extracurriculars (e.g., spending time with family, helping the family financially, interests/hobbies that you enjoy, personal struggles or achievements). It may not seem significant to you but sometimes it gives a deeper insight to the kind of person you are and that you could be a great fit for a UC.

Hope these points help your application. For Tips and Tools for your UC Application, see this.

If you have further questions, please visit Alma Matters Forum.

Good Luck!

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