Why is Liberal Arts Important?

Why is Liberal Arts Education Important?
  • Nitin
  • 30 May, 2019

After dominating the US for decades, Liberal Arts education is getting surfaced in other parts of the world as well for the past few years. Though these other continents such as Europe, Asia and Africa did a little delay in understanding the true value of liberal arts in social and economic progress; however, liberal arts is now being embraced across the world faster than ever. Liberal arts education has always been a symbol of gaining knowledge, intellect and development of the human being. Over the years, we have seen liberal arts supporters criticizing college curriculums and syllabi for their excessive emphasis on technical skills while overlooking other significant skills that are really important for human development. Liberal arts, owing to its vast combination of subjects and study areas, provides students with all those vital skills that one needs to grow personally and professionally. Some of the important skillsets liberal arts degree programs provide mentioned below:

Liberal Arts Degree Skillsets

  • Adaptation of different cultures and scenarios
  • Analytical, creative and critical thinking ability
  • Conceptualisation of new ideas
  • Decision-making skills
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Excellent reading and writing skills
  • Foreign language skills
  • Gaining self-confidence
  • In-depth research and development skills
  • Problem-solving attitude
  • Teamwork
  • Time management skills

Advantages of Liberal Arts Degree

What makes liberal arts education unique and diverse from other degree programs is that it mainly focuses on equipping students with various skills and aptitude that they are going to need during their lifetime. Liberal arts students focus on learning about the world around them, which eventually unlocks the door to innumerable opportunities. Let’s take a look at the benefits of liberal arts degree here!

Knowledge of Multiple Sectors

Liberal arts education is a collection of various areas of study and hence, it provides students with the knowledge and understanding of various sectors. Thanks to its multiple fields of study, liberal arts degree programs offer students a wide range of subjects to choose from. This way, students gain the basic knowledge of numerous subjects under the same roof of – liberal arts.

Variety of Career Choices

Since liberal arts education offers a wide collection of subjects, students get the opportunity to select a suitable career option. Liberal arts degree programs make students familiar with multiple career opportunities they might not get the chance to know about otherwise. This helps them choose the best course of study based on their preferences.

Skills and Knowledge

Liberal arts students attain the knowledge and skills that help them throughout their lives. No matter what course or career students may choose, later on, these skills always help them shape their future endeavours.

Wide Acceptance

Liberal arts students are known to have the essential ability to adapt to the changing scenarios of a company or workplace, thus, a lot many employers prefer students to get liberal arts education.

Strong Foundation

Owing to its diversity, liberal arts education not only provides students with the necessary skill sets through its degree programs but also expands their learnings beyond the classrooms and academics. Liberal arts students are comparatively more active or eager to learn new skills than students specialised with a single subject.

Liberal Arts Career Options

Career in Arts

Liberal arts education makes students gain the foundation skills and understanding of various art careers such as the designing, interior, photography, painting and performing arts etc.

Foreign Languages

Liberal arts education offers students the opportunity to learn at least one foreign language during their course of study. This opens up multiple career options for liberal arts students such as teaching the foreign language, becoming an interpreter or a translator, making a career in tour and travel industry, being a journalist or getting a peaceful job in an international embassy.

Career in Education and Teaching

Owing to having a wide range of subjects under its hood, liberal arts education provides the degree holders with an option to become a teacher of their favourite subject(s).

Career in Public Relations

If students choose subjects that involves interacting with people, they open various career opportunities for themselves in various industries including advertising, marketing, journalism and mass communication, news, humanities, writing, and sales etc.

Career in Law and Political Science

Liberal arts education offers various career options in law, politics, public policies, NGOs, social services, counselling, and other related areas.

Various Other Career Opportunities for Liberal Arts Students

Banking and Finance: accountant, banker and financial analyst etc.

Business: salesperson, entrepreneur, stock manager, store manager and floor manager etc.

Healthcare Industry:  laboratory assistant, research assistant and other clinical jobs that don’t necessarily require a medical degree.

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