Know Your Ambassadors - Rapid Fire with Arman@Berkeley

Name: Arman Puri
High School: Vasant Valley School
College: UC Berkeley
Major: Data Science
College Year: Senior

Q1: When did you decide that you wanted to study abroad?
A1: I've known that I was going to study abroad since I was a child.

Q2: Why did you want to study abroad?
A2: My father and grandfather both studied abroad and I knew it was an incredible opportunity to broaden my horizons and learn a lot about the world.

Q3: Who helped/guided you with the College process?
A3: Aside from my parents, I had college counselors helping me out with the process.

Q4: What was your proudest accomplishment(s) during your High School years (in or outside of school)?
A4: I developed two mobile apps focused on solar energy in India for the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy.
The first app used an android phone's light & temperature sensors, gyroscope & accelerometer to determine orientation, XY coordinate and inclination angle of solar panels, for rooftop installers.
The second app used weather, ground site & latitude-longitude data to predict day ahead generation for a solar plant.

Q5: Why do you think your College admitted you?

A5: I like to think that I had a pretty well rounded application, with good school grades, standardized test scores and extracurricular activities.

Q6: What has been the biggest surprise so far in college?
A6: College and high school are very different to one another. Going into college you must be prepared to try new things.

Q7: Something that you know now, you wish you had known in High School?
A7: Classes in college aren't easier than classes in high school

Q8: Are you happy with your College decision?
A8: Yes, I'm very happy with my college decision. As someone who is passionate about startups and the tech ecosystem, the Bay Area and Berkeley are a perfect fit for what I want to learn & do in life.

Q9: How many students from India are in your batch in College?
A9: 40

Q10: Your advice to College-bound aspirants? (2 or 3 things)
A10: Do things that put you outside your comfort zone. Try new things that you wouldn't normally do. You never know if you will like something till you actually try it out.

Hope you liked this Rapid Fire. If you have questions for Arman about Berkeley, now is the time to ask!