Select List of Study Abroad Grants/Scholarships for Indian Students

1. GO Overseas Scholarship:
2. Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation: Scholarship for both undergrad and postgrad in UK, Canada and USA. Excludes the following arenas: Engineering, computer science, business studies, medicine, public health, fashion design, music, animation (except for certain exceptions). Find out more:

Australia and New Zeland
3. Indian Global Leaders Scholarship: At University of Queensland, for business, economics and law. Lasts for your first semester of study. Find out more:
4. UNSW Future of Change Scholarship: Available for 1 year for undergraduate Indian citizens who completed high school in India at the University of New South Wales in Australia. Find out more:

5. Orange Tulip Scholarship: Available for Indian students to study abroad at qualifying educational institutions in the Netherlands. Find out more:

United Kingdom
6. GREAT Scholarships India: By the British Council for Indian nationals who completed their high school education in India. Restricted to certain subject areas and the candidate must have already been accepted to an institution in the UK when they apply. Only funds one year of education. Find out more:
7. OCSI Scholarship: For undergraduate students studying any course at the University of Oxford or the University of Cambridge. Must already have admission to one of the two universities. Find out more:
8. International Undergraduate Scholarships University of Sheffield: For high achieving Indian high school students. Covers 50% tuition each academic year. Find out more information:
9. UWE Bristol International Scholarship: Scholarships for international business and international sports. Must already hold a place in the University to be considered for it. Find out more:
10. University of Essex International Scholarships: Various merit based scholarships such as The Indian Subcontinent Regional Scholarship for people who hold a place at the university (find out more here: as well as excellence scholarships for International Baccalaureate Results and Sports. Find out more about the various scholarships:
11 . University of Central Lancashire International Student Bursaries: Awarded to international students based on the strength of their application. Awarded with acceptance notices. Find out more here:
12. Cork Institute of Technology Scholarships: For Cork University in Ireland. They have a range of scholarships available for Indian international students. Find out more here:
13. University of York International Student Scholarships: They offer a number of merit-based scholarships that one can apply for. The Academic Excellence Scholarship is especially for Indian students. Find out more here:

United States
14. Asian Women in Business Scholarship: For Asian female students studying business at an accredited US university. Is a one time award of $2500. You can only apply after completing one semester. Find out more:
15. Cornell Tata Scholarship: Is for 20 Indian students accepted to Cornell University who have applied for financial aid. Is for the entire duration of their undergraduate career. Preference is given to people in the School of Art and Architecture, School of Business, School of Engineering, students in hard science and social science majors. Find out more:
16. USC Scholarships: Apart from the International Freshman Academic Scholarship, USC also has a number of merit based scholarships that cover anything from one time grants to half tuition scholarships. Most of them have a separate application deadline. Find out more here:
17. Robertson Scholarship Duke and UNC Chapel Hill: A full tuition merit-based scholarship between Duke and UNC where you switch campuses, have mentoring and summer opportunities etc. You can apply to the schools only (in which case you may be referred for the program) or the program directly. Find out more here:
18. Duke University Merit Based Scholarships: Duke has a number of merit based scholarships with different criterion and different application processes. Find out more here:
19. UNC Merit Scholarships: There are various merit scholarships available such as the UNC scholars program (which does not have a separate application process) and the Morehead-Cain Program which has a separate application process ( Find out more here:
20. Swarthmore College
21. Claremont McKenna College Scholarships: There are a number of different merit-based scholar programs that all have different entry requirements and aid given. There is a separate application process. Find out more here:
22. Tulane University Merit Scholarships: There are scholarships such as the four year Global Scholarship ( as well as other merit-based scholarships awarded when the student applies. Find out more here:
23. Vanderbilt University Cornelius Vanderbilt Scholarships: A full tuition merit-based scholarship that has a separate application. Find out more here:
24. Annika Rodriguez Scholarship Washington University of St Louis: A full tuition merit-based scholarship that requires its own application. Find out more here:
25. #YouAreWelcomeHere Scholarship: For international students for the entirety of the degree program. Can provide at least 50% of tuition costs. Only applicable for participating US colleges. Find out more:
26. AU Emerging Leader Scholarship: One scholarship available for an international student that shows leadership potential. Covers full tuition and room and board. Find out more:
27. Wien International Scholarship Program: For Brandeis University. Find out more:
28. Clark University Scholarships: Find out more:
29. Illinois State University Scholarships: Illinois University offers various merit-based scholarships (including scholarships for students in the IB program). Find out more:
30. Iowa State International Scholarships: Merit based scholarships for high achieving international students ranging from $2,000 to $10,000 every year for four years. Find out more:
31. Michigan State University OISS Scholarships: Various scholarships for international students. Include the International Student Essay Competition (for a one time award of $1000) and the Global Spartan Leadership Program (a program that provides $8000 through a weekly seminar program)
32. University of Arkansas International Student Scholarships: They have close to 100 different scholarship opportunities for international students. Find out more here:
33. University of Iowa IDEA Award: A merit based scholarship that provides $500 to $10,000 per year for incoming undergraduates. Awarded by the admissions committee at the time that acceptances are issued. Find out more here:
34. University of Oregon International Student Scholarships: They have a number of need-based and merit-based scholarships reserved for international students. Find out more here:
35. University of Wisconsin GPA Based Scholarships: Based on student GPA every year. Find out more here:
36. Northern Arizona University International Student Scholarship: A merit based scholarship between $10,000-$13,000 per year. Any student who applies to the university is automatically considered for this scholarship. Find out more here:
37. Missouri State University International Excellence Scholarship: Merit based scholarship ranging between $7500-$10,000 based on GPA and SAT score. All applicants are eligible for this scholarship. Find out more here:
38. International Scholarship at Kent State University: A merit-based scholarship of $2,000 per semester for international students. Automatic consideration at the time of application. Find out more here:
39. Mathematics Undergraduate Merit Scholarship UCLA: A fully funded scholarship (tuition + room and board) for a 12th grader applying to UCLA with outstanding mathematical qualifications and upper level math courses. You have to complete the UC application and select UCLA as one of the schools that you’re applying to as well as fill in an application on the Math Programs page. Find out more here:

40. University of British Columbia ILOT Scholarships: Full tuition scholarship for international students who display academic excellence and leadership. They also offer various merit based scholarships based on an applicant’s academic, extracurricular and sporting excellence. Find out more here:
41. University of Toronto International Scholarships: The Lester B Pearson is a fully inclusive scholarship for international undergraduates. You must be nominated by your high school for this scholarship (find out more: Undergraduate applicants from India and the USA are considered automatically for an International Student Scholarship. There are also other course-specific scholarships available for international students. They also have the 42. Nelson Mandela scholarship for excellent international students in their Junior year ( Find out more here:
43. McGill University International Scholarships: For incoming first-year students (find out more here: Other course specific merit-based scholarships available for undergraduates who apply
44. Winnipeg University President’s Scholarship for World Leaders: Applicants must apply by the scholarship deadline date. It ranges from an award of $3,500- $5,000. Find out more:
45. Humber University International Student Scholarships: Merit based scholarship ranging from $1,500-$4,000 granted automatically to students based on their GPA and academic achievements. Find out more here:
46. Winifred Laurier University: They have merit-based bursaries and in-course scholarships for international students. They are awarded based on a profile completed on their LORIS portal. Find out more here:
47. University of Waterloo International Student Scholarships: Apart from an International Student Entrance Scholarship of $10,000, there are other merit scholarships and department specific scholarships for international undergraduates. Find out more here:
48. Concordia University Entrance Scholarship: A renewable merit-based scholarship for incoming students based on their board exam results. The admission committee automatically chooses recipients based on their academic strength. Find out more here:
49. York University International Scholarships and Bursaries: They offer a number of merit based scholarships and bursaries for international students that they can apply for. Find out more here:

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