Thank you for joining the Alma Matters' Int'l Students and Alumni Community!

As International Students and Alumni, you have a lot to be proud of. You have successfully navigated the journey from High School to a College outside your home country. What you have learned along the way is invaluable to the High School students of today who may be aspiring to follow in your foot steps.
The beauty of such a community is that it brings together the "aspirants" with the "experienced" in a very personal and relevant fashion. It is an opportunity for you to share your experiences as an International Student & help answer the questions that these high school students may have as well as address their concerns, as they figure out the right college choices for them.

​As you know, Alma Matters ​is ​an online platform that is building College GPS for International Students. This platform combines technology with ​expert touch of​ curated ​communities around the world.
We start with ​college-bound ​students in India looking to study abroad.

Main goals for the​ community are:
- Provide insights to the students about your experience with choice of courses, colleges, application process, adapting to the US system, social & cultural aspects, etc;
- Point students to resources and possibly others you know that might be willing to help;
- Find mentors for a student from the community, who could spend more time to guide them.​

Thank you again for your generous offer to join this community and help aspiring International Students​. ​Please feel free to give us feedback, suggestions so we can make your community better.

Best Wishes, Venkat